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Ben is professional, responsive and reliable.

I've worked with a fair number of agents over the last 15 years and Ben stands out from the group. Ben was attentive to our needs and diligently worked to find us a number of properties that met our criteria. Admittedly, my wife and I changed our specs on several occasions and Ben was able to adapt quickly and re calibrate the search. Ben is not only knowledgeable and a good negotiator, but he's easy to work with and a good guy. I recommend Ben to any home buyer in the San Diego area

Adam B.

The Shay team was incredible to work with!

They came in to my condo, staged it to perfection and made a few suggestions on things to fix before I put it on the market. It was on the market for 4 days and I got a way bigger offer than I expected. I was expecting to have to pay a few thousand dollars in flooring credits and repairs but the Shay team negotiated only a $350 dollar credit! This is my second transaction with the Shay team and both times they were able to get me the best deal possible. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about buying or selling their property!

Ken D.

Ray Shay and the entire team Shay Team effortlessly guided me through every process.

I've never met a more professional and dedicated group of people all geared towards the same goal. They were always available to answer any and all my questions. I received the offer I was looking for and my home went into escrow 7 days from listing. 30 days later, escrow has closed and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Team Shay for everything!

Brian B.

We had a very unique home and Ray Shay and Shay Realtors was our fourth attempt to sell.

Ray negotiated with our neighbor to settle a dispute about a shared fence issue. He excelled in local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and excellent negotiation skills. The Shay team handled the sell of our home on all levels from start to finish. The present day housing market is challenging and constantly changing and the Shay team exceeded our expectations in meeting these challenges. They we honest and respectful. When an inspection reported water damage and an insurance claim was required, they helped us though the process, and turned a problem into a situation that helped us sell our house for our asking price. We would recommend Ray and the Shay team to assist anybody in the sell of their home

Sharon B.

I worked with David Flores from Shay Realtors.

He was very responsive and helpful in finding my house. When he wasn't immediately available, there was always someone at the office who could fill in for him.

Camden R.

Amazing guy.

I contacted Nick for a listing I was interested in. He showed the property, put together an offer, negotiated & represented me well, and closed the deal in less than 30 days. He was professional & on top of the process at all times, from escrow instructions, HOA, to communicating with the seller's agent and keeping me in the loop. Will definitely recommend him as a preferred agent to all

A. Varun

I was a first time home buyer and Nick was extremely helpful both searching for properties matching my profile and educating me through the process.

He was very proactive: arranging viewings and submitting offers before the regular market cycle. Nick made sure to give me the personalized attention necessary to finding a good property in this market. Even once my offer was accepted he was still always accessible and happy to make sure I was informed and comfortable throughout the escrow process. Throughout my transaction with him I always felt like I was in good hands. Nick has excellent personal skills and a persistent work ethic. I would definitely recommend him to any prospective buyers

R. Gura

If you are buying a home, WORK WITH NICK!

I worked with Nick and his colleague Jocelyn, and I thank both of them from the bottom of my heart for helping me get the home I wanted. Through the home-buying process, Nick and Jocelyn have both become wonderful friends! Here are just some of the great things about Nick: (1) He works extremely hard and is ALWAYS on-call for you. To be honest, I don't know if he even sleeps - he works FOR YOU ALL THE TIME. I have called him at 10pm at night as well as early in the morning, and he always responds to my calls/texts. (2) He will go the extra mile for you to get the home you want. He wrote a personal letter to the seller and personally delivered it to him. My offer was accepted over a dozen other offers, and later I asked the seller why he chose me. He said it was precisely because of the letter that Nick wrote to him! To think, I would not have gotten the dream home I wanted if it wasn't for Nick's persistence. NICK WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOU THE HOME YOU WANT! (3) Perhaps his best personality asset as a real estate agent is that he is extremely professional and is very level-headed. This is a great thing because as a buyer, purchasing a home is definitely a big decision and a very emotional, anxious and sometimes frustrating process - especially in such a hot market as San Diego. Nick is extremely patient, flexible, professional, understanding and supportive. (4) He takes care of everything for you - all the phone calls and paperwork you don't want to do - so all you really have to do is make a decision on what places you want to put an offer for and how much. He also has great lenders who will do ALL the work for your loan. So literally, all you have to do is sign documents and transfer your down payment. (5) He is QUICK and RESPONSIVE and will usually schedule a property viewing within 24-hours, so that you can get your offer in as quickly as possible. (6) He is NOT in it for the commission. He just wants to help you find the home you want. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a $100,000 home or a $1,000,000 home - he will work hard for you, and will NOT push you to try and buy the most expensive home in your budget. (7) He seems to have a good relationship with other agents and people in real estate within San Diego, which will definitely work to your advantage if he happens to know the people working with the seller. His relationship with the seller's agent or lender may be the edge that you need to get your offer accepted over other people's offers. (8) He and his team have a LOT of experience in real estate. Unexpected things happen ALL the time during the process, and he and his colleagues have seen it all - bidding wars, unresponsive or hard-to-deal-with sellers, loan difficulties, appraisal issues, inspection issues... They will take care of it all for you! Again, WORK WITH NICK! He will get you into the home that you want.

Dr. Chen

Nick was amazing in helping us sell our condo in Mira Mesa and buy a home in Rancho Bernardo.

Very knowledgeable of of the processes and was able to get us exactly what we wanted. Nick negotiated a lease back for us, which gave us more than enough time to find the home we love without having to rush after selling our condo. Nick was transparent throughout the entire process and was patient in answering our many questions. He was also sensitive to our current situation (infant child with 2 working parents) and took that into consideration when negotiating or scheduling things. He even offered to help us with moving-related tasks after we closed escrow (meeting trade workers at the home during working hours, small maintenance jobs, etc.). I highly recommend Nick and will be referring him to anyone I know who's looking to buy, sell or just needing to have a conversation with a real estate professional!!

R. Edwards

Nick helped my daughter and I purchase a condo in 4S Ranch.

The market is extremely competitive and each offer we wrote to purchase was accompanied by 12 other offers from other agents. Right now it is important to have an agent like Nick who is very responsive and professional, in a multiple offer climate sellers agents try to quickly weed out the pretenders from the contenders. It is very important to have someone like Nick to represent you!

Leo Brendis

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